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Who comprises LCCHC?

Our members and participants include representatives from dozens of health related resources and services. They are health care providers, members of educational institutions and organizations; youth organizations, private business, the social services; government agencies, various coalitions, and concerned individuals. We welcome one and all because we are all responsible for the health of the people of Lincoln County.

Without collaboration and networking, agencies, non-profits and community organizations often go in different directions, duplicating efforts and leaving gaps in service. However, organizations that collaborate can be more effective in working toward common goals, thus avoiding gaps and duplication. 
The LCCHC is funded by DOH and grants. 

What are the benefits of joining the LCCHC?

•  Be engaged in the current health issues and trends that impact the residents of Lincoln County.
•   Understand the scope of our health related challenges as well as where progress being made.
•  Enjoy building bridges of understanding and networking with other agencies within the county.
•  Utilize opportunities to share knowledge from your area of expertise and learn new ways of affecting change.
•  Obtain new referral sources and resources; participate in health fairs and other community health activities.

What are the priorities of the Community Health Council? 

The Council studies specific issues that are priorities for Lincoln County residents. We examine these through statistical reports, community assessments and prioritization, and professional evaluating tools. We then take action to make a difference. The LCCHC works through a monthly meeting, subcommittee meetings, teamwork, and community projects.

The current priorities for LCCHC are: 


•    Youth Engagement      •    Health Promotions      •    Mobile Food Pantry

•    Access to Care             •    Substance Abuse        •    Family Stabilization

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2022 Members

Our members and participants include:

Kristopher Gomez - Western Sky Community Care

Laura Wilson - DOH

Lorna Fike - Hope Harbor

Martha Ordorica - DOH/PHD Ruidoso PHO Nurse Supervisor

Rebecca Tryon - Communication Coordinator Hope Harbor

Samantha Chino - Youth Coordinator

Scott Annala - Lincoln County Indigent Health
Sergio Castro - CYFD- Juvenile Justice
Shannon Dictson -
Mescalero Responsible Gaming Prog.

Todd Oberheu - LCMC Hospital Chief Exec.
William Hanson - Lincoln County DWI


Alisha Westmacott - LCCHC Coordinator

Andrea Fernandez - Health & Wellness Mentor

Ashlee McEwen - LCCHC Secretary/ Region IX SBHC
Carol Bleau - LCCHC Treasurer/ Retired RN

Consuelo Cowder - Blue Cross Blue Shield NM

Dolly Otero - MADD NM

Elma Belin - Help End Abuse for Live, Inc. 

James Pawlak - Retired ENMU Librarian

John Shields - People Works NM

Julie Mader Cintron - LCCHC Ad Hoc/High Mesa Healing Center

Katrina Smith - Be Well NM/ Community Engagement Specialist

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