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7th Annual

Fun & Fit 
8 Week Challenge!

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Thank you for being part of the Fun & Fit 8 Week Challenge!!

We have had an amazing time hosting this challenge for everyone and want to thank you all for participating! If you have any feedback on things you loved or hated or just ideas for future challenges, please click the button below to give us your feedback!

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Our last walk is Tuesday, September 19th! 
Come out to earn your final 20 points and get lots of fun glow items along the way!! There will be music, booths, and dinner!

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How to Calculate Points:

Daily Health Count

Each number you complete for the day earns you 1 point. If you complete all 9 you get a bonus point for that day bringing the total possible points that can be earned to 10 per day. Add totals from all days to get Daily Health Count subtotal.

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Walks & Pop-Ups

All hosted walks and pop-up events earned you 20 points each. Add all events you attended during the challenge for your Hosted subtotal.




Each time you did physical activity on your own AND posted a picture of it on the Facebook Fun & Fit Group page, you earned 2 points for every 10 minutes of activity you did.

To calculate your points for this section: add up the total amount of time you exercised by using pictures on the Facebook Group page.

Now take your total time exercised and divide that by 10.

Then take the remaining number and multiply it by 2pts. This will give you your Activity subtotal.

For Example, I posted 5 pictures; 3 were for walking for about 50mins and the other 2 were for independent classes I took each lasting an hour. Here is how I would calculate this:

Personal Exercise


Does this seem like a lot to remember? Click the button 'Print Booklet' to get your own pocket sized reference for all things Fun & Fit! Fold it in half top to bottom, then again from left to right to create the booklet.

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Track your progress with our downloadable weekly tracking form. Click the button below to download your copy!

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